Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Vuforia for Hololens App Experience

Today we'd like to share our experience of using Vuforia for a Hololens app.

This is an exciting combination as we don't just see augmented reality objects on the screen of a portable device but also manipulate them using Microsoft Hololens possibilities.

Vuforia SDK uses the mobile phone camera, a web-camera, or a Hololens camera to spot markers and overlay 3D objects to them in an augmented reality mode.

Here you can see, as the Vuforia and Hololens combination allows us to reach a new level of interactivity with the surroundings, as we control the objects projected to augmented reality using Hololens gestures.

This is just a little demo, there's a lot more you can achieve using Vuforia for Hololens applications.

3D models of Belarusian mythological creatures 
created and animated by Innowise Group.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

Innowise Group Created AR App for HoloLens

Interest in Virtual and Augmented reality is growing tremendously.
Microsoft has just announced Windows 10 Creators Update focusing on creating and playing in 3D, and partnered with hardware manufacturers on production of more affordable AR/VR headsets running the Windows Holographic platform.

Being among the first explorers of the revolutionary technology, Innowise Group has created a number of augmented and virtual reality applications.

Innowise Group AR/VR Team was set up at the beginning of 2016, and now includes Unity/Unreal Engine developers, web designers, 3D modellers and animators.

The AR application which we’ve completed this month demonstrates the possibilities of Microsoft HoloLens smartglasses as a competitive product in the AR/VR device market.

Auto Dealer Promotional AR App

The idea behind the project was to demonstrate a car moving on a highway.


The team took a model of car, which features both exterior textures applied and the car interior textures, so that the interior can be seen as the doors open.
The Unity-based application creates the experience of watching a car moving on a highway – the model of a car is placed on a piece of a highway, which is around triple its length. The car wheels are moving and the highway moves continuously.

Interaction with the Model

The whole scene can be moved and rotated around. The car model itself is interactive – the doors, the hood and the trunk may be opened by a tap gesture with a textbox popping out, when a relevant part opens. Tap on the headlight is a switch between day and night. 
The application functionality is being further extended at the moment.

Technologies & Tools

Unity 3D, Visual Studio 2015, C#

Basic movement along the higway

Scene moved to another location, rotated, hood opened

Night driving mode on

If you'd like to create an AR/VR app for your business, please contact us at contact@innowise-group.com

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Why Is It Important to Hire Testers for Your Projects

When we have an ambitions idea to start a new project, the first intention that comes to our mind is – “The project must have its site!” So, you develop the concept, spend days and weeks preparing content for the site and, finally, you decide to get the project started.

Everybody is concerned about how to hire a good developer to make a site. Still, many customers forget about testers. Yes! It is absolutely important, and is the integral part of development. QA specialists are obligatory and essential part of the process.

Specialists say – “You need 1 tester for every 2 programmers. Each programmer should work closely with a single tester, throwing private builds as often as necessary. “

And this is indispensable fact! QA specialists, in fact, have veto power over releasing any software that doesn't meet muster. Just take several minutes to read why it is important to hire a tester for your project.

Here are the most common excuses I've heard for not hiring testers:

Lazy programmers introduce bugs.

I head customers say – «If we hire testers, the developers will write buggy codes.”  Nonsense! If you really think that way, either you have never written a code, or you completely unaware what writing code is. Bugs, by definition, appear because programmers did not notice the bug in their own code. Many times, it just takes a second set of eyes to see a bug. Developers are also people, you know.

My software is on the web. I can fix bugs myself immediately.

Yep, really, it is funny!  Agree, it's true, web distribution lets you distribute bug fixes faster than the old days of packaged software. Still, do not underestimate the cost of fixing a bug, even on a web site, after the project has already frozen. Moreover, remember that it is easy to implement even more bugs when you fix.

However, a worse problem is that if you look around at the process you have in place for rolling out new versions, you will realize that it may be quite an expensive proposition to roll out fixes on the web.

My customers will test the software for me.

No, No, No! If you do not believe me, try to follow the plan:

  • when developers are about halfway done, release the software on the web without any testing;
  • when developers assume they are done, release the software on the web without any testing;
  • repeat 5 or 6 times;
  • call one of those versions the "final version";
  • release .01, .02, .03 versions every time an embarrassing bug is mentioned on c|net.
  • see, what is going to happen. If you aim at losing your reputation – do it! The worst thing about this form of testing is the remarkably bad impression you will make of your company and your project.

Besides, the whole point of letting "your customers" do the testing is that they find the bugs, and you fix them. Unfortunately, no any company on earth, has the manpower to sift through bug reports from 1,000,000 customers and decide what's really important. Out of all those reports, I would bet that almost all of them will be about the same set of 5 or 10 really obvious bugs.

I can't afford testers!

Sorry, but this sounds hilarious! It is cheaper to hire a tester than to hire a developer to do debugging after the project is done. A lot cheaper. You lose time and money.

Cut costs in hiring testers is an outrageous false economy. Think five times before you take the decision to hire the developers for the project without QA specialists.

Good luck and no bugs!

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

CATALOG.TM: Unique Informational, Adversiting and Online Shopping Portal of Turkmenistan

CATALOG.TM is the informational, adversiting and online shopping site. It's the unique web-site in Turkmenistan which combines the service of on-line shopping and informational portal.

CATALOG.TM serves as a gateway to wide range of information and knowledge for citizens of Turkmenistan and bordering counties. It's the unique portal for customers, enterpreneurship and general public of Turkmenistan as well.

Now the site CATALOG.TM is available in English language and Turkmen.

There are 7 main sections on the site:
Goods catalogue
Organizations catalogue
Map of Ashgabat
Private ads

Goods catalogue

We have created a website for selling and delivering electronics, household appliances, clothes, and automobiles in Turkmenistan.

The main functionality includes:
Two user groups: Sellers and Buyers.
Goods are arranged by categories.
Efficient search options (search by products, manufacturers of the products, and stores).
Buyers can select and compare goods.
Sellers can create pages for their stores and add goods.

Organizations catalogue

There is a catalogue with lists of organizations by categories (drugstores, hospitals, shopping centers and markets, schools, hotels, service centers, restaurants and cafes, etc.).


The site also has the news section which provides readers with latest and trending technology news, as well as news about Turkmenistan.

Map of the cities of Turkmenistan 

Our specialists have creates the unique map of Ashgabat and other cities, and we are constantly in the process of adding information and creating the most detailed and accurate map of Turkmenistan.


The site gives users possibility to listen music on-line and download the latest dancing mixes of world famous composers and DJ's.

Private ads

There is functionality for creating announcements, adding private ads.


Here the users may choose the manufactures they are interested in and  look through the goods, offered in goods catalogue.

Advertising section offers users to place their banners with ads in the upper part of the site and in the middle of it (main page). On the main page of the site the users may look through the latest added goods with the best offered price.

Search and navigation

CATALOG.TM supports users in an efficiet search for content, allows users to search for information and find goods, organizations, available through the portal.

Visit CATALOG.TM - the best informational, adversiting and online shopping site of Turkmenistan!

Friday, 6 May 2016

ArcGIS API 4 for JavaScript Released: What’s New for Developers

Esri, an international company that provides Geographic Information System (GIS) software, announced version 4.0 production release of ArcGIS API for JavaScript on Tuesday.

This is the first release of of the 4.x series which is a new rendering of the JavaScript API that Esri decided to launch in addition to the 3.x series. The new 4.x series is aimed to be easier in use as a JavaScript API and support both 2D and 3D visualization.

3D and 2D Made Easy to Use

New version 4.0 of ArcGIS API for JavaScript is suitable for 3D scenes and 2D maps development. It enables developers to build full featured 3D application which can include such rich information layers as terrain, basemaps, imagery, features, and 3D objects.

The APi also includes some core capabilities to create 2D applications. The programming patterns to work with 3D and 2D are very similar and unified. With map views, developers can render a map with either a 2D or a 3D view (or both of them) adding just a few lines of code. In some cases you can even use the same code for both 2D or 3D views as they share the same implementation for layers, navigation, pop¬ups, tasks, symbology, geometry, etc.

But note that not all 2D capabilities that are supported in the 3.x API are supported in the first release of 4.x series (version 4.0). So you should consider requirements for your application to choose the right API version to work with.

Mobile First Approach for User-Friendly Apps 

API 4.0 allows to build applications with responsive design and awesome user interfaces for any device. Widgets are flexible UI building blocks that can be placed wherever it is needed to adapt to different screen resolutions and this provides clean and polished user experience. The API widgets can be used as they are or styled with CSS easily.

Simpler and More Consistent API Design

ArcGIS API 4 for JavaScript offers a cleaner implementation, better customization and integration with third-party frameworks, what results in improved overall developer experience.

Version 4.0 has a lot of improvements and design changes. You can find more information on the official website.

Innowise Group designs and develops web mapping applications using JavaScript and Esri software solutions including ArcGIS.
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