Monday, 2 April 2018


These weeks witness the event that has become a significant step for Innowise group ( Membership of High Tech Park Belarus ( crowns 10 years of active IT development ideas implementation, innovative approaches, breakthrough scientific-intensive activities being a deserved recognition for the hard work that has been done. Thousands of signed  contracts, successfully delivered projects and forged partnerships both in Belarus and abroad have paved the way to the list of top Belarusian IT businesses for the company proudly representing Vitebsk, city where it all started.

What makes Innowise group stand out of the crowd? Company’s specialists have successfully delivered more than 250 projects in the field of e-commerce, medicine, automotive, distance learning, transport and logistics, fashion and beauty, AR/VR, AI/ML and other areas based on Java, .NET, PHP, Unity, React, Angular, Vue, Solidity, React Native technologies. The largest number of projects has been delivered for clients from the USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, UK, Israel, Russia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania.

Numerous nights were sleepless with developers toiling on projects based on top-notch virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies such as VOKA which gives a helping hand to trauma surgeons when it comes to “seeing through skin” thus providing for surgical risks mitigation along with injury and recovery time decrease. The second big and tasty cherry on the IT projects pie is a Terrace-Designer project that will turn both construction and real estate industries “upside down” allowing to turn any architectural ideas into 3D detailed models, estimate the cost of materials needed for them to come true and visualizing a designed model in its real size using augmented reality in the very place where it is meant to be built.

High Tech Park Belarus provides for special business environment for IT business being one of the leaders among innovative clusters in Central and Eastern Europe with incentives unprecedented for European countries. HTP provides for numerous residents engaged in high-end software development, customization and IT services delivery for clients in 67 countries of the world.
Needless to say that the opportunities arising are numerous including governmental support, new both home and foreign partnership networks, chance to voice out loud company’s cutting edge solutions, and expand its clients’ portfolio. To grasp this chance means to hone company’s skills and build up its R&D potential by means of joining various research labs.
Congratulations to the whole team that made this day possible. 

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

ARchitect-designer: Turning architecture ideas into 3D detailed models and estimating material costs is easy!

Innowise group is presenting ARchitect-designer, cloud service that lets users differentiate elements of private house front facades and architecture buildings on private lots. 

1. With the help of special easy-to-use graphical interface user designs terraces, pergolas, facades, roofing, fences, stairs and other architecture elements;
2. The system core lets get an exact material estimate and request the cost of works;
3. Mobile application gives an opportunity to see the designed architecture object shown around the client’s house.

Usually it takes a construction company manager or/and a designer from 10 to 12 hours to design, agree with a customer and estimate just one terrace. ARchitect-designer reduces this time by half, lower company costs on employees’ salaries, enhances the company’s performance and competitiveness significantly. 
Building materials distributors specify the data about the materials to be delivered and use this service as an advertising platform for building and construction companies’ target audience.
Using ARchitect-designer’s cloud service building materials manufacturers advertise their brands among its target audience, get access to the analytical data about the demand of these or those materials. 
End-clients use ARchitect-designer to make  their creative architecture ideas real, get detailed and exact estimates on services  and materials costs from independent consultants and building and construction companies and can see their intended buildings shown on the real spot before the construction had started. 
One can add one more category of users - freelance engineers and designers. On sharing economy basis ARchitect-designer gives end-clients an opportunity to get services on design and modeling.

Creation of a 3D construction model of any complexity
Automatic calculation of construction materials and components
Comparison of different variants
Demonstration the way the construction will look like in reality (on the spot, AR component)
Calculation of the exact value needed for purchasing and mounting of components.

3D MODEL CREATION: VISUAL CONSTRUCTOR provides for creating surfaces of any geometry, determining the altitude for every surface, automatic generation and construction basis (foundation) modeling in accordance with engineering requirements: metal frameworks, adjustable supports, floor battens etc., flexible editing possibilities: selecting different materials, components, surface shape change, instant change visualization etc., positioning of standard stairs and retaining walls in one click, possibility to model a personal stairs on order.
With the application being in the public domain (for end-users), the model library contains the basic set of material and component models with no option of selecting different textures, colors, material of construction etc. In case the application delivered to corporate clients there’s model development based on the company product catalogue. 

Wednesday, 17 January 2018

Innowise group staat klaar voor nieuwe uitdagingen met “een vleugje Nederland”

Innowise group, creatief full service software ontwikkeling bedrijf uit Wit-Rusland, zoekt nieuwe kansen, spannende projecten, betrouwbare partners en biedt leuke inovatieve en kwalitatieve IT oplossingen. We streven naar langdurige productieve banden tussen Nederlandse en Wit-Russische IT bedrijven en doen het naast jaren lang cooperatie met de Verenigde Staten, Canada, Groot-Brittannie, Duitsland, Rusland, Oekraïne en Centraal-Aziё.
Waarom Nederland? Nederland is wereldberoemd door de hoge kwaliteit van het IT product dat op de markt verschijnt. Denken in creatieve ideeën en niet alledaagse oplossingen is de essentie van de aanpak gevolgd door Nederlandse IT bedrijven.
Waarom Innowise group? Het motto van Innowise group is precies zelfde: creatieve ideeën, innovaties en kwaliteit. We werken met veel experise en plezier, lopen voorop in de markt want ons ploeg bestaat uit vol van enegrie erfaren en bedreven ontwikkelars die constant op zoek naar nieuwe uitdagingen zijn.

Innowise group biedt breed portfolio van IT-diensten:
NET, Java, PHP, JS, HTML, CSS, jQuery, Unity, 2D/3D design/modelvorming, ArcGIS, iOS, Android;
Virtual reality/Augmented Reality Apps (VR/AR/MR); Microsoft Hololens, HTC Vive;
UX/UI designers and specialists;
Cross-Platform Mobiele Apps; Xamarin, React Native;
Quality assurance (QA)/Testing;
Outsourcing (nearshoring), oprichten van ontwikkelingscentra (Dedicated Development Centers), enz.

We begrijpen dat niet elk bedrijfsproces is in een standaard jasje te gieten. Daarom maken we een zorgvuldige analyse van de klantbehoeften en bieden creatieve maatoplossingen voor elk bedrijf en werkproces inclusief ondersteuning. De klant komt altijd eerst bij ons en we waarderen onze tijd en de tijd van onze klanten.
Innowise group ziet deze stap zoals een mogelijkheid om expertise en kennis van software ontwikkeling bedrijven van beide landen te delen en op die manier uit te breiden alsook nieuwe uitdagingen en betrouwbare partners te vinden.
We communiceren ook in het Nederlands zodat onze klanten geen taal barriere voelen.
Industrieën: Gezondheidszorg, e-commerce, e-leren, auto-industrie, gas en olie, financiёn, productie, overheid, media en advertenties, telecommunicatie, detailhandel, reizen, vervoer en logistiek, kunst en mode en game-industrie.

Meer informatie is op onze web-site te vinden:
Youtube Kanaal:

Thursday, 14 December 2017

Innowise Group meets Shi Yuzhu

On November 22, Hi-Tech Park held a meeting of shareholders and owners of the major IT companies from the Asian-Pacific region. Shi Yuzhu - chairman of Giant Interactive,  and Nurali Aliyev - the owner of the Zhanartu investment fund were among honoured guests. During that event Innowise Group had a chance to get Shi Yuzhu acquainted with VOKA - mixed reality system that allows surgeons to see the damaged bone tissues inside the patient. This very system has a great number of advantages in medical practice from increasing safety of the operation by visualizing locations of blood vessels and nerves and reducing surgical risk  to shortening the rehabilitation period by reducing damage to adjacent tissues.

We were stocked to have taken a part in such an event and tell the public about our innovative development that is being developed with the Belarusian Scientific and Practical Center for Traumatology and Orthopedics.

Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Innowise Group participated in MEDICA 2017 FAIR in Dusseldorf

Medica 2017 Innowise Group

Medica is known to be the largest international medical show that presents the cutting-edge technology, electromedical equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Medica is the very exhibition that provides the medical device industry the central market for innovative products and various systems that are contributing to the efficiency and quality of patient care all around the world.

In the framework of Medica Innowise Group introduced its innovative MR System for trauma surgeons and medical students. It needs to be said that VOKA.IO is a system that can be used during diagnostics, treatment/surgery planning and during surgeries as well. Implementation and application benefits of using VOKA.IO are numerous. Firstly, it mitigates surgical risks when it comes to medical procedures of high risk. Secondly, due to the reduction of tissue damage it increases the speed of recovery.

To sum up, this system was of interest for medical professionals and med technicians because it was one-of-the-kind at the fair. Needless to say that its efficiency and relevance in practice was unquestionable. We got an opportunity to develop cooperation with international companies and specialists that have taken an interest in VOKA. And we are looking forward to growing our network and having a fruitful cooperation. 

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