Friday, 30 May 2014

Testing - Electronic Document Management System (EDMS)

Our QA team performed testing for a number of EDMS projects. We offer the description of our testing activities on one of them below.


The project goal was to develop a centralized electronic document workflow system which would be used for managing the company’s business processes in a real time mode.
The main objective of the QA team was to set up and organize the testing process. 

The system is made in Java. Client-server connectivity is carried out through the API built on the principles of REST. 

The system is designed to automate document centric business processes in terms of internal document organization:
preparation of cases and/or documents; registration; directing to the introduction, negotiation, or execution procedures; monitoring deadlines and viewing the results of the document execution; giving legal significance to electronic documents and restricting access to them.

The system itself is a set of modules:

  • Internal documents 
  • Outgoing documents 
  • Incoming documents 
  • Discussions 
  • Organizational and regulatory documents 
  • Appeals 
  • Approval/Overview 
  • Workflow 
  • Cases 
  • Statistics 


For organizing and structuring the testing process of the electronic document management system, it was agreed to develop documentation on testing, i.e. a set of Test Plans and Acceptance Test Plan. 

Manual testing of the system was carried out in compliance with the developed documentation. To simplify and speed up the testing process some of the test scenarios were automated. 

For manual testing REST client was used. 

For automated testing the following set of tools was used:
  • Eclipse + Selenium RC + TestNG 
  • Selenium Builder 
The system version which was tested had been deployed by developers at the local server. Defects found in the testing process were recorded in the bug tracking system, and statistical reports were sent to the Customer and Project Manager on a weekly basis. 


The QA team has successfully developed the required test documentation and a set of automated tests for a number of test cases. The documentation was used in the process of the system development and was supplemented as required. 


Technology domains: 

OS: Windows 

Technologies & tools: Apache Tomcat 7, IBM Lotus Domino, HTML/CSS, GWT, Selenium RC + TestNG, Selenium Builder, REST Client; Atlassian JIRA 

Language: Java, JavaScript

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