Friday, 20 June 2014

Services on Technical Documentation development and updating

Our Technical Writers will develop/update your product documentation in English or Russian.

The main objective of the Technical Writer is elaborating, development, support, and updating of various types of technical documentation that meets the requirements of the customer and corresponds to peculiarities of the product.

The work scope of the Technical Writer includes:
  • Studying the product on which the documentation shall be developed.
  • Planning each document that will be included in the documentation package.
  • Documentation template development. The template involves the document graphic design, formatting, text layout, etc.
  • Writing the document content.
  • Adding graphical elements to the document (screenshots, logos, icons, etc).
  • Sending the document to the project manager for review.
  • Adding proposed improvements and correcting cases of discrepancy, if any.

Our Technical Writers have great experience in producing the following types of documents:
  • Full user guide which describes all available functions in the system.
  • Brief user guide for quick use of the system.
  • Administration guide, description of the system architecture, technical and software requirements, system setup, logging, billing, branding, and some additional information.
  • System description, system options, software and hardware requirements, restrictions on the use.
  • FAQ, frequently asked questions and answers to them.

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