Monday, 7 December 2015

Mobile Development: Android and iOS Application for Car Remote Control

The Innowise Group Team was engaged in development process of a mobile application for car remote control. Our Team performed some tasks connected to building and testing of the Remoto application as a contractor.


The Remoto application is intended for starting and stopping the car engine remotely, tracking the car route, monitoring car security and safety while driving and when the car is parked.

Also, the application collects statistics and ratings on violations of traffic regulations.

The main options available in the application are:

Remote control and interaction with the car;
Car tracking and car routes statistics;
Emergency road service calling;
Locating the car (geolocation);
Possibility to order installation of remote control equipment on the car;
A forum for users to give a feedback and ask questions.


1. Remote interaction with the car

The user can perform the following actions remotely:

1. Run the engine.
2. Stop the engine.
3. Lock/Unlock car doors.
4. Lock/Unlock the trunk.
5. Beep the horn.
6. Set up an automatic start/stop of the engine on schedule or depending on the outdoor temperature.
7. Set up getting of push-notifications about crashes, speeding, and evacuation of the car.
8. Set up automatic doors locking/unlocking when the car stops/starts moving.

A demo version of the application is available for users to explore the functionality of the application and order installation of remote control equipment on the car.

2. Security

With every new authorization, the user needs to enter a new password which is sent as an SMS to the smartphone linked to the user account.

More detailed description of the lifecycle

On the homepage, the authorized user can see the current status of car indicators:
Temperature in the car;
Outdoor temperature;
Engine status: started or stopped;
Engine speed.

On the statistics page, the user can see all car routes, engine starts and stops, cases of speeding or crashes.

On the settings page, the user can adjust push-notifications depending on impact force during a car crash, etc.

The user can link several versions of the application or several mobile numbers to one car.

If users encounter problems on the road, the application allows them to call for road assistance.

The application has its own support forum where users can find descriptions of all problems and their solutions. Users can start new discussions and ask questions they have.


For the moment, the application is successfully used by car owners who are pleased with broad functionality, great usability and optimal memory consumption of the app.


Technology domain: 
OS: iOS, Android
Technologies: AngularJS
Languages & tools: C++, C#, HTML, CSS, Javascript

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