Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Exclusive Project by Innowise Group: (Open for Investments)

Our company “Innowise Group” always has something to make boast of! Just some words about one of the projects –

Our company has suggestion for the interested concerning the mapping part of the project we are involved.

Cartographic part of our portal -

We are now in the process of creating the most detailed and accurate map of Turkmenistan. The specialists of our company have analyzed the cartographic market of Turkmenistan and came to conclusion that global services (Google Maps, OpenStreetMap, Here Maps, Bing Maps) and local services (Yandex Maps, Navitel) do not correspond to users’ requirements. The main reason is absence of proper official cartographic basis.

The named cartographic services are characterized by the following criteria:

  • Only data about streets and roads net are satisfying.
  • All services show insufficiency of data about buildings (minimum one third of multistoried buildings lack on map).
  • Only 10% of multistoried buildings have information about address (some addresses are indicated incorrectly).
  • There are no more than 1/6 points of interest on the map, many of them are still incorrect.

Reasoning from this fact, we made a decision to create our own cartographic basis, first, on the territory of Ashgabat, the capital of Turkmenistan. Modern technical means, primarily in the sphere of remote sounding and digital mapping allow creating geo-informational products effectively.

This section is constantly updated. In corporate database, we gathered information about multistoried and permanent structures of Ashgabat. We continue gathering address information – this is the most difficult stage of mapping. Many of Ashgabat buildings do not have sign plates with numbers of buildings and in the process of rebuilding many of them have been removed.

Now we are also creating the map of public transport. We are planning to use the technologies of ESRI for publication of fully-functional map of Ashgabat with possibility of address search (geocoding) and routing of public transport. Several state organizations showed interest in further usage of our maps. For the timebeing, we consider our target audience to be citizens of Turkmenistan, tourists and foreign businesspersons.

Please, let us know at if this could be of interest to your company. We are open for new proposals and investments.

Site of the project CATALOG.TM

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