Tuesday, 20 September 2016

CATALOG.TM: Unique Informational, Adversiting and Online Shopping Portal of Turkmenistan

CATALOG.TM is the informational, adversiting and online shopping site. It's the unique web-site in Turkmenistan which combines the service of on-line shopping and informational portal.

CATALOG.TM serves as a gateway to wide range of information and knowledge for citizens of Turkmenistan and bordering counties. It's the unique portal for customers, enterpreneurship and general public of Turkmenistan as well.

Now the site CATALOG.TM is available in English language and Turkmen.

There are 7 main sections on the site:
Goods catalogue
Organizations catalogue
Map of Ashgabat
Private ads

Goods catalogue

We have created a website for selling and delivering electronics, household appliances, clothes, and automobiles in Turkmenistan.

The main functionality includes:
Two user groups: Sellers and Buyers.
Goods are arranged by categories.
Efficient search options (search by products, manufacturers of the products, and stores).
Buyers can select and compare goods.
Sellers can create pages for their stores and add goods.

Organizations catalogue

There is a catalogue with lists of organizations by categories (drugstores, hospitals, shopping centers and markets, schools, hotels, service centers, restaurants and cafes, etc.).


The site also has the news section which provides readers with latest and trending technology news, as well as news about Turkmenistan.

Map of the cities of Turkmenistan 

Our specialists have creates the unique map of Ashgabat and other cities, and we are constantly in the process of adding information and creating the most detailed and accurate map of Turkmenistan.


The site gives users possibility to listen music on-line and download the latest dancing mixes of world famous composers and DJ's.

Private ads

There is functionality for creating announcements, adding private ads.


Here the users may choose the manufactures they are interested in and  look through the goods, offered in goods catalogue.

Advertising section offers users to place their banners with ads in the upper part of the site and in the middle of it (main page). On the main page of the site the users may look through the latest added goods with the best offered price.

Search and navigation

CATALOG.TM supports users in an efficiet search for content, allows users to search for information and find goods, organizations, available through the portal.

Visit CATALOG.TM - the best informational, adversiting and online shopping site of Turkmenistan!

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