Thursday, 27 October 2016

Innowise Group Created AR App for HoloLens

Interest in Virtual and Augmented reality is growing tremendously.
Microsoft has just announced Windows 10 Creators Update focusing on creating and playing in 3D, and partnered with hardware manufacturers on production of more affordable AR/VR headsets running the Windows Holographic platform.

Being among the first explorers of the revolutionary technology, Innowise Group has created a number of augmented and virtual reality applications.

Innowise Group AR/VR Team was set up at the beginning of 2016, and now includes Unity/Unreal Engine developers, web designers, 3D modellers and animators.

The AR application which we’ve completed this month demonstrates the possibilities of Microsoft HoloLens smartglasses as a competitive product in the AR/VR device market.

Auto Dealer Promotional AR App

The idea behind the project was to demonstrate a car moving on a highway.


The team took a model of car, which features both exterior textures applied and the car interior textures, so that the interior can be seen as the doors open.
The Unity-based application creates the experience of watching a car moving on a highway – the model of a car is placed on a piece of a highway, which is around triple its length. The car wheels are moving and the highway moves continuously.

Interaction with the Model

The whole scene can be moved and rotated around. The car model itself is interactive – the doors, the hood and the trunk may be opened by a tap gesture with a textbox popping out, when a relevant part opens. Tap on the headlight is a switch between day and night. 
The application functionality is being further extended at the moment.

Technologies & Tools

Unity 3D, Visual Studio 2015, C#

Basic movement along the higway

Scene moved to another location, rotated, hood opened

Night driving mode on

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