Monday, 29 June 2015

Lasertag and rope park in Vitebsk

It was an amazing Saturday corporate event with lasertag and rope park adventures! At the beginning we devided into two teams and played lasertag. During the 2-hour running and fighting we got really exhausted but everyone was excited and happy.

After a bit rest, we continued at the rope park.
Girls chose Green run, boys prefered Red run, which is more difficult.


By the way, this ropes course is located near Vitebsk. To know more about the recreation camp, follow the link

There you can also play voleyball, paintball, lasertag, badminton, or just have a swim, as the river is quite near the camp. It is a picturesque place in the pine forest, quiet and far from the city hustle.

After the sporting events were finished and we didn’t feel like running or climbing any more, we gathered at the shelter shed and enjoyed the barbecue.

The holiday was really great, so, dear colleagues, see you all at the outdoor party next summer again!

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