Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Can Distributed Team Increase Software Quality? Our Answer Is “Yes”

In software development, quality is of great importance. We are sure that every team has its own strategy to achieve this objective.

Agile software development also helps reach the goal. But what if team members don’t work together in one office and are distributed all over the world? Can they succeed in agile development?

Don’t be surprised, but work in remote or distributed teams can be a real advantage in terms of software quality. In this case many issues that local teams often have are avoided from the start. What is great about distributed teams?

Less Control, More Responsibility

One of the most enjoyable benefits of working in a distributed team is the fact that direct control over team members is impossible. From the perspective of a manager, this may sound problematic.

But as the result, team members feel responsible for their work and exactly know what they have to do. This factor also keeps team motivation high and lets software quality improve.

Top Talents Work Together

Software development in distributed teams offers you a great chance to bring top talents together in one project. You can look for the right people and choose team members because of their talent rather than their place of living.

It is inspiring not to be restricted to certain territory, as the best qualified candidates are not always found right around the corner.

Different Time Zones Can Be Joy, Not Pain

If different time zones are your biggest concern and fear, we dare to say, they can be a real plus.

While in a remote team with different time zones, your conversations are planned and usually don’t last too long. You will have a solid time span to concentrate on actual work without being interrupted by constant questions or spontaneous meetings.

Everyone needs such focused time domains to dive into work. If you are not interrupted too much at this time, it will boost your productivity and obviously result in better speed and quality of development.

And with software engineers from different parts of the world, the team almost never stops working. The coding must go on!

Consider This to Have a Successful Remote Team

If you want your distributed team to work successfully, there are some things to pay attention to.

Team members always need to know where exactly the project is. It can be not so easy when there is no personal communication. Use a messenger that offers a shared channel for all participants, as well as enables direct communication between individual team members.

It can even replace everyday agile meetings. The goal of these meetings is to keep all team members well informed. This also can be achieved online. To assure a good contact between all team members, it may be useful to have regular video calls. Besides, a good source code management system is a must for distributed teams.

Of course, work in distributed teams can be a challenge for many reasons. But if you take up this challenge, soon you will reap the benefit of increased software quality. Be bold, wisely use distributed team advantages, encourage team culture and good luck!

If you have any thoughts or questions, feel free to leave your comments below.

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