Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Java Named Most Popular Programming Language of 2015

Java was named the top development language of 2015, according to TIOBE programming community index.

In 2015 Java experienced 5.94% growth in the ranking and outweighed its rivals a lot.

Why Java?

Java rise comes at the time when there is not so much new to tell about this programming language, apart from the fact that the final release of Java 9 version was recently postponed to 2017.
Such ranking growth can be attributed to Android development, as Java is the most common language in this mobile sector.

TIOBE programming community index

Likely, in 2016 the interest in Java will not drop, because we are awaiting the upcoming Java 9 release which will bring fundamental changes due to its modular system.

The TIOBE index for measurement of the programming languages popularity is questionable and was criticized more than once. But this index is not the only one to determine winners among development languages. Here are the January 2016 results of PYPL index, the ranking which is based on Google Trends info:

It seems that Java has a promising future. You can’t just ignore this language no matter what you think of it.

The Defeated One: Objective-C

With the increasing importance of Swift, which was able to rise from position 25 to 14 within a year, Objective-C became the biggest loser. This language for development of iOS and OS X applications lost almost six points in one year and now ranks only 18 in the index.

A year ago it was found at position 3, not to mention the fact that Objective-C was recognized as the language of the year in 2011 and 2012. Is it gradually becoming extinct?

And what do you think of 2015 winner and loser? Do you agree with the results?

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