Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Microsoft will release virtual reality glasses HoloLens V3

For the first time the Microsoft company released mixed reality glasses HoloLens on the 32-bit Windows Holographic operating system (Windows version 10) a few years ago.

The development has begun in 2012, and the prototype of the device has been presented in January, 2015, on March 16, 2016 the version for developers from the USA and Canada (with the cost $3000) has appeared on sale, and since October 12 the preorder of the device became also available in Great Britain, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand.

Microsoft continues Microsoft HoloLens enhancement process. The company decided not to release the second version offering minor improvement of the original and more reasonable price. The company switched to creation of the new version of HoloLens - HoloLens V3. They say, the release of the latest model it is planned in 2019.

Today none of the companies develop technology of the mixed reality as quickly as Microsoft. HoloLens glasses are available to developers and gamers, the holographic platform Windows Holographic was also developed.

In the letter the Microsoft company reported to the Thurrott resource: "The mixed reality - is the future in the field of computer systems, and Microsoft HoloLens glasses are a future product for the mixed reality too. Our interest in it doesn't require the road map".

Microsoft HoloLens is the device allowing to combine the real world with virtual. Today the glasses of Microsoft company already became popular not only in gamers. The device is widely used for training, research, and scientific purposes.

Innowise Group develops various kinds of applications with use of this modern device. The specialists of the company develop games, training applications, applications for use in the advertizing sphere, automotive industry, medicine for Microsoft HoloLens.

Innowise Group achieved a certain progress in development for Microsoft HoloLens and continues to receive requests for development of such applications. Virtual reality, augmented reality and the mixed reality have gained interest of users nowardays.

For example, within the frames of one of the projects of the company the application with use of the Vuforia platform for HoloLens was created. 

Characters from mythology of Belarus became the main characters of the application. As a result we see reality objects on the screen of the portable device, and we can also control them, using possibilities of Microsoft HoloLens. The development was maintained on the platform for application of mixed reality creation for smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android operating systems. SDK Vuforia uses the smartphone camera, the webcam or the camera of HoloLens to define markers and to impose 3D objects in the mode of augmented reality.

The combination of Vuforia and HoloLens allows to reach the new level of interactivity with the surrounding world as we operate objects by means of simple gestures.You may have a look at demonstration example of use of Vuforia for Hololens.

This is only one example, stay with us to learn more. 

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