Monday, 20 March 2017

RoboRaid for Microsoft HoloLens: Entertaining Experience of Innowise Group VR/AR/MR Department

There should be time for everything! Work comes first, but…

The specialists of Innowise Group VR/AR/MR department are young and quick as thought! They manage to find time not only for everyday work, but also for testing of something new and investigating the world of the novelties. 

This time they enjoyed  the game by Microsoft, developed for one of our favorite devices – Microsoft HoloLens.

RoboRaid – is a mixed reality first-person shooter where one uses natural movements to target enemies coming from every possible direction. The office of VR/AR/MR department bacame a real battlefield – the enemies broke through the walls, leaving destruction in their wake!

This gaming app for Microsoft HoloLens will also help the developers to start creating their own. Here are some moments:

→Spatial mapping
Pre-scan the room to maximize resources for a high-fidelity, low-latency experience during gameplay.

→Spatial sound
Use sound in 3D. HoloLens lets users hear holograms from all around them, even from behind.

→Natural interaction
Using gestures like air tap to fire at enemies immerses your players in the action.

→Self-contained device
Build experiences that encourage users to move around and react to holograms in their world.

How to play

Look at enemies to target them

Air tap to fire your weapon

Lean left or right to dodge enemy attacks

Say “X-ray!” to activate your super power

Enjoy RoboRaid for Microsoft HoloLens with Innowise Group!

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