Monday, 17 April 2017

The best project of the Hackathon AVRA Minsk Days 2017

Yesterday the Hackathon within the Conference AVRA Minsk Days 2017 was completed. The developers showed more than two dozen projects for Virtual and Augmented reality. Various applications were shown: the reconstruction of the Napoleonic battles, the game "Mafia" with pandas, chemical experiments, the passage of the quest room in the cooperative, and others. Participants were given 30 hours to create prototypes. Some projects were developed on Hackathon from scratch, and others were already existed before the event, so the quality and degree of preparedness varied greatly.
The jury included representatives of the IT industry and investors, as well as specialists in VR and AR technologies. During the presentations of the projects it was noticeable that the experts came not just to distribute the prizes: there were a lot of questions about business models, experience of developers, target markets, plans for the release of applications. It seems like investors seriously considered some of the teams for further financing and promotion. 
The winner of the Hackathon was the project “ARiadna” by Innowise Group Company, a medical project for Microsoft HoloLens glasses. This project will help surgeons reduce risks during operations and spend less time planning them. 
Doctors can see not only the patient’s medical history but also a 3D model of a broken bone and can more accurately plan the operation. This is especially useful in complex injuries (for example, with different types of fractures).

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