Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Innowise Group participated in MEDICA 2017 FAIR in Dusseldorf

Medica 2017 Innowise Group

Medica is known to be the largest international medical show that presents the cutting-edge technology, electromedical equipment, laboratory equipment, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals. Medica is the very exhibition that provides the medical device industry the central market for innovative products and various systems that are contributing to the efficiency and quality of patient care all around the world.

In the framework of Medica Innowise Group introduced its innovative MR System for trauma surgeons and medical students. It needs to be said that VOKA.IO is a system that can be used during diagnostics, treatment/surgery planning and during surgeries as well. Implementation and application benefits of using VOKA.IO are numerous. Firstly, it mitigates surgical risks when it comes to medical procedures of high risk. Secondly, due to the reduction of tissue damage it increases the speed of recovery.

To sum up, this system was of interest for medical professionals and med technicians because it was one-of-the-kind at the fair. Needless to say that its efficiency and relevance in practice was unquestionable. We got an opportunity to develop cooperation with international companies and specialists that have taken an interest in VOKA. And we are looking forward to growing our network and having a fruitful cooperation. 

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