Tuesday, 30 January 2018

ARchitect-designer: Turning architecture ideas into 3D detailed models and estimating material costs is easy!

Innowise group is presenting ARchitect-designer, cloud service that lets users differentiate elements of private house front facades and architecture buildings on private lots. 

1. With the help of special easy-to-use graphical interface user designs terraces, pergolas, facades, roofing, fences, stairs and other architecture elements;
2. The system core lets get an exact material estimate and request the cost of works;
3. Mobile application gives an opportunity to see the designed architecture object shown around the client’s house.

Usually it takes a construction company manager or/and a designer from 10 to 12 hours to design, agree with a customer and estimate just one terrace. ARchitect-designer reduces this time by half, lower company costs on employees’ salaries, enhances the company’s performance and competitiveness significantly. 
Building materials distributors specify the data about the materials to be delivered and use this service as an advertising platform for building and construction companies’ target audience.
Using ARchitect-designer’s cloud service building materials manufacturers advertise their brands among its target audience, get access to the analytical data about the demand of these or those materials. 
End-clients use ARchitect-designer to make  their creative architecture ideas real, get detailed and exact estimates on services  and materials costs from independent consultants and building and construction companies and can see their intended buildings shown on the real spot before the construction had started. 
One can add one more category of users - freelance engineers and designers. On sharing economy basis ARchitect-designer gives end-clients an opportunity to get services on design and modeling.

Creation of a 3D construction model of any complexity
Automatic calculation of construction materials and components
Comparison of different variants
Demonstration the way the construction will look like in reality (on the spot, AR component)
Calculation of the exact value needed for purchasing and mounting of components.

3D MODEL CREATION: VISUAL CONSTRUCTOR provides for creating surfaces of any geometry, determining the altitude for every surface, automatic generation and construction basis (foundation) modeling in accordance with engineering requirements: metal frameworks, adjustable supports, floor battens etc., flexible editing possibilities: selecting different materials, components, surface shape change, instant change visualization etc., positioning of standard stairs and retaining walls in one click, possibility to model a personal stairs on order.
With the application being in the public domain (for end-users), the model library contains the basic set of material and component models with no option of selecting different textures, colors, material of construction etc. In case the application delivered to corporate clients there’s model development based on the company product catalogue. 

Both a real estate developer and end-user can visualize a designed model in its real size using augmented reality in the very place where the model is meant to be built.

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