Monday, 2 April 2018


These weeks witness the event that has become a significant step for Innowise group ( Membership of High Tech Park Belarus ( crowns 10 years of active IT development ideas implementation, innovative approaches, breakthrough scientific-intensive activities being a deserved recognition for the hard work that has been done. Thousands of signed  contracts, successfully delivered projects and forged partnerships both in Belarus and abroad have paved the way to the list of top Belarusian IT businesses for the company proudly representing Vitebsk, city where it all started.

What makes Innowise group stand out of the crowd? Company’s specialists have successfully delivered more than 250 projects in the field of e-commerce, medicine, automotive, distance learning, transport and logistics, fashion and beauty, AR/VR, AI/ML and other areas based on Java, .NET, PHP, Unity, React, Angular, Vue, Solidity, React Native technologies. The largest number of projects has been delivered for clients from the USA, Canada, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Norway, Denmark, Finland, France, UK, Israel, Russia, Kazakhstan and Lithuania.

Numerous nights were sleepless with developers toiling on projects based on top-notch virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies such as VOKA which gives a helping hand to trauma surgeons when it comes to “seeing through skin” thus providing for surgical risks mitigation along with injury and recovery time decrease. The second big and tasty cherry on the IT projects pie is a Terrace-Designer project that will turn both construction and real estate industries “upside down” allowing to turn any architectural ideas into 3D detailed models, estimate the cost of materials needed for them to come true and visualizing a designed model in its real size using augmented reality in the very place where it is meant to be built.

High Tech Park Belarus provides for special business environment for IT business being one of the leaders among innovative clusters in Central and Eastern Europe with incentives unprecedented for European countries. HTP provides for numerous residents engaged in high-end software development, customization and IT services delivery for clients in 67 countries of the world.
Needless to say that the opportunities arising are numerous including governmental support, new both home and foreign partnership networks, chance to voice out loud company’s cutting edge solutions, and expand its clients’ portfolio. To grasp this chance means to hone company’s skills and build up its R&D potential by means of joining various research labs.
Congratulations to the whole team that made this day possible. 


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