Monday, 15 October 2018

Why VR/AR is so essential for Healthcare?

Who ever said VR was just about gaming, was completely wrong. It goes without saying that nowadays VR/AR/MR is revolutionary changing the face of Healthcare, well, it really is. How come it’s improving the medicine field? Simple as that. And it goes without saying that VR and MR go hand in hand being implemented in the ways that can help diagnose and treat even the most complicated diseases. 

Let us consider some fascinating VR possibilities:

Virtual diagnosis

Virtual reality is undoubtedly used for visual purposes when diagnosing patients. In a nutshell, conducting an array of medical tests does produce a whole a lot of data. And in this very case, VRcan be used in order to shape some kind of visual explanation of this data which is much easier to get into account and interpret, isn’t it?

Surgical training, it is. 

According to the statistics, MR has proven to be of great help in surgery where it has significantly contributed to training surgeons. In this very case, MR does facilitate the process of gaining crucially important experience when  operating in so called “safe environment”. Where we’re driving at is that with the help of MR surgeons are able to polish skills and certain techniques without endangering the lives of patients. What is more, it doesn’t only grant an opportunity for surgeons to refresh their dormant skills but also to try edgy techniques out! How outstanding is that?!
To sum it all up, suggesting a very real experience and great review of the anatomy, MR is gaining traction in Healthcare. And it actually makes sense. Just because VR and MR have enabled surgeons to provide care more efficiently and safely, the applications based on it  are oftentimes used in operating theaters and also successfully harnessed in telehealth conferences. And without any doubt it’s improving delivery of care when it comes to medical procedures of high risk. Taking everything into account, one can say that MR applications are becoming a picture-perfect match to the needs of surgeons and simply medical professionals. 

For a better insight have a look at our presentation about MR Assistant for Trauma Surgery:

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